Visiting Gjesvaertappen Nature Reserve in Norway surrounded by thousands of puffins...summer 2015

I can hardly say the name of this astoundingly beautiful nature reserve in the arctic circle off the coast of Norway...and I could have spent many hours sailing around this island on the small fishing boat we travelled out on.  Unable to land on this protected bird sanctuary we were escorted alongside the cliffs by some of the 50,000 puffins that arrive each year, as they flapped frantically just above the choppy water, seemingly dodging waves.  Overhead white tailed eagles soared high with an occasional low swoop. Our captain spotted so many different birds I lost track...but bravely held on to my rather damp sketchbook as I tried to sketch what I saw, hoping to make sense of it all later!

Anne and Bob Corless visited the Gjesvaertappen Nature Reserve in Norway, summer 2015.

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